Clinical Laboratory and Biomarkers Core

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The Clinical Laboratory and Biomarkers Cores will coordinate access to laboratory expertise, testing, training, specimen repositories and Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP).  The goals of this core are to assure that all JHU HIV investigators have access to and utilize appropriate, validated and where applicable, certified laboratory assays. The core will also maintain a biomarker specimen repository for storage cataloguing and utilization of biological specimens.

Specific Aims of the Core

  1. To coordinate and increase awareness of laboratory services available for studying HIV, to facilitate access to these services for JHMI investigators, and to provide consultative services for junior, new-to-HIV and other investigators on emerging issues in laboratory sciences relevant to HIV.
  2. To provide training for domestic and international investigators on state-of-the-art laboratory assays related to HIV so they can become proficient in performing relevant laboratory assays for the successful conduct of their research.
  3. To train investigators in laboratory Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) requirements to assist them in setting up an assay for clinical testing.
  4. To provide a central freezer/tissue repository with database inventory for the storage of biological specimens that can be used by HIV investigators for studies of biomarkers, natural history and pathogenesis.

Our Core Laboratories

Immunology Laboratory

  • CD4/CD8 counts
  • Cell Sorting
  • MSD platform for cytokine analysis
  • CLIA-certified
  • JHU cohort studies MACS and ALIVE

Repository Laboratory

  • Viral Load
  • Cryopreservation
  • Cell Separation
  • HIV, HCV, and HBV antibodies
  • CLIA-certified in immunology and molecular biology


Virology Laboratory

  • Latency Assays
  • Soluble marker immune activation
  • HIV genotyping and sequencing from DBS, next generation sequencing
  • HIV DNA quantitation (droplet digital PCR

Drug Development Analysis (CPAL)

  • Drug/metabolite analysis
  • Pharmacokinetic analysis
  • Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Laboratory (CPAL)

Drug Development

  • Antiretroviral Drug Concentrations
  • ARV imaging


Please help us

Remember to acknowledge the CFAR in your publications, abstracts, grant proposals, and presentations.
Continued funding from NIH for the JHU CFAR depends on evidence that we are providing added value to HIV research being done at Johns Hopkins.

If you receive any kind of support from the CFAR, please include an acknowledgement in your publications, presentations, etc. by using the citation examples available here.

If any of the support was for Laboratory or Biomarkers-specific topics and you have published, presented or submitted a proposal, please send a link to Curt Reynolds ( so that we can track and publicize HIV research at JHU.